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We are going paperless!  We have converted to an online permitting system.

Graphic for permits page on online permit process through January 1, 2024

To apply for all permits, access our Licensing & Permitting Portal. Paper applications and applications submitted via email will no longer be accepted. Please visit our Applications/Permits page to learn more or get started by clicking Apply for a Permit below.  

The Building and Zoning Department is primarily responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Building Code which regulates the design, construction, and maintenance of buildings and their related equipment as necessary to safeguard the safety, health, and welfare of the occupants and the public. 

Secondary responsibilities of the Building and Zoning Department are to administer and enforce the Zoning Code; and work closely with the Village Board of Trustees and Building and Development Committee. The Zoning Code regulates the uses permitted on properties within various Zoning Districts; establishes required yard dimensions and heights of buildings; regulates the uses to which yards may be put; regulates off-street parking requirements, fences, walls exterior signage and more.

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