Safe Exchange Program

The Glen Carbon Police Department allows individuals to meet in the lobby of the Glen Carbon police station, located at 149 N. Main Street, to finalize personal transactions in a secure location. This is being offered in an effort to increase the safety of people engaged in face-to-face transactions that originated via online sites such as Craiglist or for those involving child custody exchanges. These efforts attempt to provide a safe environment and to reduce the potential for violent criminals to target victims. They are also intended to provide a safe environment for family members who have court ordered visitations to make custody exchanges free of the threat of harm.

The Glen Carbon Police Department is a full-service, 24-hour agency and is offering this service solely as a way to provide a secure location for safe exchanges. Members of the Glen Carbon police staff will not facilitate, witness, or otherwise be associated with any transaction between private parties. However, if a party to an exchange has a legitimate concern for safety, a Glen Carbon police officer may conduct a civil standby to ensure that all parties are safe during the transaction or exchange. The non-emergency phone number to the Glen Carbon Police Department is 618-288-7226. 

Tips for residents:

• Do not invite strangers into your home. Insist on a public meeting place; never meet in a secluded location.

• Be especially careful when buying or selling high value items.

• Tell a friend where you are going or have some adult that you trust accompany you during the meeting.

• Take your cell phone.

• Trust your instincts.

For any questions, please contact Lt. Wayne White of the Glen Carbon Police Department, 288-2631