Hometown Heroes Banner Program

We are no longer accepting submissions for Hometown Hero Banners. Please contact Nicole Dicks at 288-2621 with questions.

Veteran Banner Program Header

The Village of Glen Carbon is implementing a Veteran Banner Program in the Village, honoring those who may have served or are currently serving our country. 

From October – May, your loved one will be highlighted on a lamp post banner located down Main Street in Glen Carbon during Veterans Day and Memorial Day for two consecutive years. There are 25 lamp posts available to display the banners on Main Street. 

Banners will be installed for several weeks prior to each holiday during the two years. After Memorial Day in May and after the second year, banners will be removed and then given back to the Veterans and/or their families. Typically, the family pays for the production of the banner or finds a sponsor to help reduce the banner’s cost. Cost to produce the banner and participate in the two-year program is $100.

If you are interested in being a part of this two-year banner program, please submit the following information along with cash or a check payable to: Village of Glen Carbon. If you are paying by cash or with credit card, please visit Village Hall at 151 N. Main Street (additional fees apply to credit card payments). 

Please note*We will also need a high-resolution photograph to use with the banner*

View the application information here and download today. Please email Nicole Dicks, Communications Manager, with questions at ndicks@glencarbonil.gov. Banners are available on a first-come, first-serve basis due to limited availability of locations and will rotate out after Memorial Day, every other year.